Saturday, May 8, 2010


In addition to writing songs for my own albums, I love writing songs for other people to give as gifts and use for special occasions.   I will tell you stories here about my experiences writing with and for people who commission my custom songs.   The stories behind the songs themselves.

When I get a song commission, I ask a lot of questions.   My song journal fills with such beautifully intimate details about the people and relationships I'm asked to write about.  Images, experiences, memories, feelings...they all get scribbled down.   We talk about the song's main message.   We talk about rhythm and tone. 

I write the 1st draft and play it for them.   So far, I've been hired mostly by women.  And so far, when the women 1st hear their custom song, they cry.   And that moves me more than I can say.

If the song isn't quite right yet, we then edit it together.  We make sure it says exactly what they want it to say and how they want it said.

Then I make a professional recording of the song.   Usually people hire me for a simple recording of just me singing and playing my guitar, with possibly some harmony/backing vocals added.   If they want a fully-produced professional recording with more instrumentation, those song commission packages are available, too.  If you prefer to have a male voice singing your recorded song, I can make that happen for you.

I look forward to sharing my experiences writing these really special songs with you.   Please check back often as I finish new projects and add song samples. 

And if you'd like to hire me yourself, please contact me with your song needs and for a price quote at