Monday, December 17, 2012

"When You Know, You Know" - Custom Song for Jennifer & Steve

I'll never forget playing this custom song to Jennifer for the first time, which she was giving as a gift to her husband Steve 
for their 17th wedding anniversary. 

She was on the phone in her car. I was on the phone in my kitchen, with 6-string acoustic guitar in my lap and the handset on the table in front of me. I played the song. I picked the phone back up. I heard Jennifer crying. It makes me cry now remembering that moment again -- that moment I live for when I realize that, as a songwriter, I have found a way to express something that someone else longs to say. 

In this case, that special something was "Thank you." 

"Thank you for changing my life." 

Jennifer was a single mother of a 3-year-old son when she met Steve on a bus trip to a St. Louis Cardinals game that neither one of them wanted to attend. At the game, Jennifer was stuck sitting next to a "really weird guy" and Steve offered to change seats with him. They talked through the entire game and he's been her hero ever since. 

Her hero she first kissed in the parking lot of a bar called Miss Kitty's on Memorial Day weekend. 
By that December, they were hitched and never looked back. 

"If we had a dime for everyone who either thought we were crazy or that we were pregnant, we’d be very wealthy people, but when you know, you know!"

"He makes me laugh. I mean really, almost every day he makes me laugh. Sometimes just a snicker, but often times a huge belly laugh.  It makes a good day great and a really crappy day bearable. When I tell him he’s funny his comment to me is 'I’m hysterical, everybody says so.' "

Now a family of four with the addition of their daughter, family has always been ultra-important to both Steve and Jennifer. 

And I knew - or I was hoping I knew - that this line for Jennifer's song to Steve would be the one that might tug at her heart the most...

...You made two plus one equal four...

Jennifer knew she needed a man who'd be a great father. 
When she found that patient, creative, caring family man (who happens to be a genius at making his own gift bows, thank you very much)
 there was no reason to wait to make him hers forever and ever, amen.

When You Know, You Know
(Custom Anniversary Song for Jennifer & Steve)
Words and Music by Jennifer Haase c 2011

You’re hysterical, everybody says so
Incomparable, the Einstein of gift bows
From that kiss at Miss Kitty’s to here
I’ve been weak at the knees for you, Dear

Hotel Pontchartrain, chasing down vampires
We were so insane in every one's wide eyes
Love from zero to 90 we rode
Because Babe, when you know, you know

Those comic book heroes got nothin’ on you
Thank you for changing the world and mine, too. 
I knew when we met 
that you’d be the star of my show
You took my hand, we placed our bets
When you know, you know

You’re our King of Hearts, devoted to family
You’re my sweet Wild Card, surprises a’plenty
You’re the Christmas Eve kid I adore
You made two plus one equal four

Mr. & Mrs. Allen, through love and the ledges
I’ll sing you to sleep and you’ll keep me in stitches
Thank you for knowing it, too. 
That I’d be the one who gets you


"Thank you for being my partner!  Partner in parenting, partner in love, partner with our own parents, partner our mundane daily lives.  Thank you for loving me!"    

It's always an incredible gift to be part of sharing a love story like this one. These two wonderful people have proven to me and to everyone who knows and loves them that, well....when you know, you know. 


To Jennifer and Steve, for yet again making me a believer in love and finding that love with your very best friend. 
This song still makes me smile and cry and hope and dream. 
Happy Anniversary with love to you.