Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"For Everything You Do" (Custom Anniversary Song for Lisa & Ed)

"Ed took me on a trip to Vegas to see his mom who was living there at the time. We were meeting his mom and sister at the Venetian for dinner and he surprised me with a gondola ride. Shortly after the ride started, I heard someone say "Oh my God, he is proposing!" I quickly turned around to look for who was proposing to who on another gondola perhaps and saw Ed holding out the ring! I was completely surprised!" 
-- Lisa W. 

It's incredibly flattering when a new custom song client comes to me because they loved a song I wrote for someone they know. Lisa, a co-worker of a previous song commission client of mine, wanted to do something extra special for her husband for their 5th wedding anniversary in October 2013. 

I say this over and over and it never changes -- every custom love song I write for a couple always renews my faith in, love! Lisa's story about the man she adores definitely made my lil' romantic heart go pitter-pat all over again. 

She said she wanted her surprise song for Ed to express how much she appreciates everything he does to make their marriage and life together with their two young daughters so wonderful. As always, there were details in her descriptions of Ed and their family that rose to the top and made their way into the final song. 

  • Ed is the kind of guy who pays attention when his wife mentions something she loves or longs to have. She once came home to the big surprise of a beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag sitting on the dining room table because Ed knew his wife is a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn's class and style.

  • One of the things Lisa admires and appreciates about her husband the most is how incredible he is with their daughters, Sophie & Ava. He instantly turned into a dad who engages in all their sweet little girl play and interests with complete joy.

  • Lisa tackled her wedding planning on her own, but didn't realize until her wedding was about to begin that she had forgotten one important detail. She hadn't arranged for any church music! It was completely quiet as she walked down the aisle, other than the clicking sounds of her heels on the floor. She and Ed shared a memorable grin as she click-clacked her way to his side.

  • They did, however, have a special song for their first dance at the wedding reception. That song was "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. I knew I wanted to connect that song with this custom anniversary song by making part of this song's theme about how even luckier Lisa feels now to be married to the man of her dreams.

  • Ed's love for photography and sweets ended up in his special song, too. Saying that he is the lens to their beautiful life seemed like a fitting tribute to his role as family photographer. Ed's unending passion for an iconic frozen custard stand in St. Louis, called "Ted Drewes" just had to get a wink-wink mention for a giggle between them for years to come. 

Thanks for taking a listen to Lisa and Ed's custom anniversary song, with lyrics below! It was another heartwarming, sentimental journey for me to write this love song about their incredibly loving love story. 

For Everything You Do
(A Custom Anniversary Song for Lisa & Ed)
Words & Music by Jennifer Haase ©2013

Remember how quiet the church was that day?
You grinned as I clicked down the aisle
Yeah, I forgot music and someone to play
So here is our wedding song now

I knew that I was the luckiest then
But nothing compares to today
True luck is loving such a giving man
Who’s still taking my breath away

I’m still in that gondola
Saying yes to you
Luckier each passing day
For everything you do
For everything you do

Your sweet surprises always knock me over
I’m still stunned by Louis Vuitton
And nothing can melt me like you as the doter
Of daughters that you have become


You hold the lens to this beautiful life
That I am so blessed to look through
As thanks I decided on this little song
Instead of some stock in Ted Drewes ;)



Lisa and Ed W., for making me swoon and laugh and weep (yes, these songs always make me weep with happiness, too!)....and for making me enthusiastically add a stop at Ted Drewes in St. Louis to my bucket list. ;) 

Producer & Musician Marc Moss at Target Recording Studio in Red Hook NY, for your wonderful playing talent and recording prowess and guidance on this song! 

Thank you to Jennifer A. for the referral, too! So appreciated! 

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