Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Always Ours" for Prince William and Kate Middleton

My Emmy-nominated recording engineer Robert L. Smith ( has been urging me to write a custom song for a celebrity wedding for the fun of it. And so, here we are! Writing a love song in honor of The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton seemed like the perfect chance to give this a shot.

I wanted Will & Kate's custom song to be non-traditional as far as wedding songs go.  These two British Royal sweethearts have worked very hard to base their closely watched relationship on their own terms, in their own time.  "Always Ours" seemed like the right title and theme for a love song about Will & Kate's romantic journey together through all the pressures and expectations.

William proposed to Kate in Africa. I imagined that on that day, and the days that followed, they discussed how much everything would change from that moment on. The world would breathe out a sigh of relief upon the announcement and pounce excitedly upon them even more than before.  There would be traditions to uphold and royal family to answer to.

I have this picture in my mind of Will & Kate making a pact.  I imagine them saying to each other "When this gets rough, let's always come back to you and me."

Thanks for listening to Kate & William's love song called "Always Ours."  The lyrics are below.  I wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness that is, of course, always theirs.

Feel free to download the song and share it.  This one's on me.

Always Ours
(For Kate and Will)
Words and Music by Jennifer Haase, c 2011

We can feel it
The whole world
breathing out a sigh

It’s so surreal
how much they want to
speak for you and I

Do they know we laugh like children
at the silliest of things?
Do they know we cried together when
you gave your mother’s ring?

It has never quite been easy
Like two birds among the owls
Between all the wait and hurry
We made certain this was
Always ours

We moved slowly
Hoping blood would never
trump the fairytale

But you know me
I would still choose love with you
without the veil

Something changed forever on
that day in Africa
And never will it ever change
what matters most to us


Do they know we laugh like children
at the silliest of things?
Do they know we cried together when
you gave your mother’s ring?


Always ours

Special Thanks to...

Robert L. Smith ( for always nudging me toward the bigger (and scarier!) things.

David M. Patterson ( for adding such beautiful guitar, mandolin and keys to make this recording really shine.

And to William and Catherine. 
If you ever hear this, I hope you know it was written with deep respect and my heartfelt good wishes for you.

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