Monday, November 7, 2011

"True North, True South" Custom Wedding Song for Terry & Reg

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

 True North, True South by Jennifer Haase (Custom Wedding Song) by JenniferHaaseMusic 

They met at a staff Christmas party.
Instant attraction. Storybook butterflies.
Two weeks later he bought her a big stuffed bear for Valentine's Day.
Six weeks later they moved in together.
Around 8 years later, they got engaged.

At a staff Christmas party.

And the bride-to-be wanted a very special wedding song
to commemorate their romance from there
to here.

"It was like fate had come full circle."

Terry was a girl from the South. Reg is a Canadian man.
That they ended up together at all is a sweet aligning of the universe in a poignant way
Terry wanted her special song for Reg to make clear.

"We always say that he's 
my True North and I'm his Truth South."

Hence "True North, True South" became the title of the custom song I loved writing
for Terry & Reg's Gone With the Wind themed wedding.

You've gotta love the Southern Belle who talks about her Northern Man like
he is, indeed, Prince Charming.  Terry's description of Reg (short for Regis) was full of all the adjectives that make me swoon.
Gentle, kind, generous, works hard and doesn't complain, takes care of her when she's ill.
A man who would step up with extra support and patience when she was feeling low.
A man who has talked her through fears and (literally) over bridges.
A man very worthy of a love song.

"He has changed my life."

Reg was certainly Terry's hero and wanted him to know it.  That made my job easy.
I worked in a little reference to the opening credits of Gone With the Wind in the first two lines of the song.
I incorporated the couple's favorite quote, featured at the top of this blog post.
I envisioned them keeping each other safe on the bridges they have crossed.

And I shed my own tears while writing the bridge. It mentions the roses in the ceremony
that would be placed on empty chairs representing
two beloved aunts who have passed. Two cherished family members who would be felt and honored in spirit.

Terry tells me she was looking at those empty chairs at that part of the song during the ceremony.
There are no words for how honored a songwriter feels
being part of that kind of moving, loving experience
in even a small way.

What I love the most about this work is that my new clients often become new friends.
Talking to Terry about her love story bonded us with lots of smiles and laughs and happy sighs.

It's lovely when the gift you are writing for someone else becomes a gift for you, too.

Thank you for listening to Terry & Reg's custom wedding song...

 True North, True South by Jennifer Haase (Custom Wedding Song) by JenniferHaaseMusic

True North, True South
Words and Music by Jennifer Haase c 2011

I disagree that gallantry
Ever took its last bow
‘Cause you and me
wouldn’t be here now

It started with a Christmas kiss
From a gentleman so kind
This Southern Belle finally felt
Like a hero’s valentine

My True North, your True South
We cross each bridge by reaching out
Bring on the wind, ‘cause we know this love will stay
In every moment that it takes our breath away

How well we fit is such a gift
Rhett and Scarlett never knew
Frankly my dear, how much we care
Makes me so in awe of you


We gently place a rose upon the chairs
Of those we loved and lost but feel them here
As real as all we promise here today
To not let go, to always say…

(You’re my True North, I am your True South…)


SPECIAL THANKS to Terry & Reg for reminding me that love is an incredible journey. For teaching me about the power of patience and faith. For new friendship so sweet from across the many miles. I'm so glad you found each other.  I'm so glad Terry found me! 
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.
Up North and Down South


I planned many things for our wedding, but the amazing song you wrote for us was definitely the best part. Reg & I were so touched by your beautiful lyrics and music! When we played it during the ceremony, I don't think there was a dry eye in the house by the time it got the the part about the roses. It meant so much to me that you included that special memorial to my Aunts in the song. 

I can't believe how well you got to know us just by speaking with you on the phone and exchanging emails. It is obvious how much you care about what you do and it shows in every word and note. You have the voice of an angel and a heart to match! I am so glad we connected and I treasure the friendship we now share. 

In closing, everyone loved our song and how you included our theme of "Gone With The Wind", as well as so many personal moments that Reg and I share. I know that I will be having you write songs for other special occasions for us! Thank you again for making our day so special and we will treasure our song forever.

To anyone thinking about having a custom song written, all I can say is look no further... Jennifer is the best and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Terry & Reg

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Always Ours" for Prince William and Kate Middleton

My Emmy-nominated recording engineer Robert L. Smith ( has been urging me to write a custom song for a celebrity wedding for the fun of it. And so, here we are! Writing a love song in honor of The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton seemed like the perfect chance to give this a shot.

I wanted Will & Kate's custom song to be non-traditional as far as wedding songs go.  These two British Royal sweethearts have worked very hard to base their closely watched relationship on their own terms, in their own time.  "Always Ours" seemed like the right title and theme for a love song about Will & Kate's romantic journey together through all the pressures and expectations.

William proposed to Kate in Africa. I imagined that on that day, and the days that followed, they discussed how much everything would change from that moment on. The world would breathe out a sigh of relief upon the announcement and pounce excitedly upon them even more than before.  There would be traditions to uphold and royal family to answer to.

I have this picture in my mind of Will & Kate making a pact.  I imagine them saying to each other "When this gets rough, let's always come back to you and me."

Thanks for listening to Kate & William's love song called "Always Ours."  The lyrics are below.  I wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness that is, of course, always theirs.

Feel free to download the song and share it.  This one's on me.

Always Ours
(For Kate and Will)
Words and Music by Jennifer Haase, c 2011

We can feel it
The whole world
breathing out a sigh

It’s so surreal
how much they want to
speak for you and I

Do they know we laugh like children
at the silliest of things?
Do they know we cried together when
you gave your mother’s ring?

It has never quite been easy
Like two birds among the owls
Between all the wait and hurry
We made certain this was
Always ours

We moved slowly
Hoping blood would never
trump the fairytale

But you know me
I would still choose love with you
without the veil

Something changed forever on
that day in Africa
And never will it ever change
what matters most to us


Do they know we laugh like children
at the silliest of things?
Do they know we cried together when
you gave your mother’s ring?


Always ours

Special Thanks to...

Robert L. Smith ( for always nudging me toward the bigger (and scarier!) things.

David M. Patterson ( for adding such beautiful guitar, mandolin and keys to make this recording really shine.

And to William and Catherine. 
If you ever hear this, I hope you know it was written with deep respect and my heartfelt good wishes for you.

To talk to me about your own custom song needs, please email me at

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Roman Loves" A Custom Lullaby

I have never cried so much writing a Custom Song as I did writing about 1-year-old Roman in his song called "Roman Loves."

This little guy is the pride & joy of parents Ali and Vince, who struggled for a long time to conceive their beloved son.   When he finally came into their lives, it's a huge understatement to say they felt blessed and grateful.

Which is why Ali asked me to write a song about him.   And it's a huge understatement to say that I was glad to accept.

When taking notes for Roman's song, I asked Ali about the things that Roman enjoys most.  I asked her to tell me some of the special things that Roman shares with her (his mother) and father individually.  And I wanted to know what it meant to have him in their lives, though I already knew the answer to that one.  I already knew that no happiness in the world could compare to the birth her son.

She told me that Vince loved to pretend to be a steam roller and it would make Roman laugh so big.

She told me that Roman loved to try and eat just about anything he could get his hands on, even rocks.  :)

She told me that Roman seems to be aware of how lucky he is to be here.  

"Roman really does just seem to be so thankful to be in the world." --Ali, Roman's mother

Every detail about 1-year-old Roman pointed to his love for just about everything and everyone.  I kept coming back to lyrics that started with Roman loves this and Roman loves that. 

One line I wrote for the chorus made the entire song come together for me....

"Nothing feels as good as when you become someone that Roman loves." 

I knew that would tie beautifully into how lucky Ali and Vince felt about being in Roman's world, too.

I needed extra time to finish Roman's song.   Every time I would dig deep into the writing of this story, I would just break right in half with new tears.  Not tears of grief, but those tears you can't seem to stop leaking when you hear a deeply sentimental tale of how a child can change the very shape of your heart, your life, your love.

You'll find the song & lyrics to "Roman Loves" below, as well as a beautiful quote from Ali to me.  To hear the song, please click on the player link. 

Roman Loves
Words and Music by Jennifer Haase c 2010

Roman loves his steam roller
That looks a lot like Daddy
Roman loves to join parades
In his suped-up buggy

Every day is a miracle
With our adoring son
Nothing feels as good as when
You become someone
That Roman loves
Roman loves

Roman loves the letter B
Books and blowing bubbles
Roman loves his mother’s voice
More than eating pebbles


Each minute we waited felt heavy as sky
Each minute was worth it for our
Big eyed, big-hearted sweet little guy

Roman loves that each new thing’s
The coolest on the planet
Roman loves his little world
And loves that we are in it


"Without having walked a mile in our shoes, I can't imagine how anyone could have turned what we have gone through and the love we have for our son into beautiful words and a melody, but Jennifer, YOU HAVE DONE IT! Honestly, I cried so hard the first time I heard this song that I could hardly hear the whole thing. Even after several hundred repeat listenings, it still takes my breath away every single time. You are such an amazing and talented songwriter and singer, but honestly there's just something more with you. You get it. You understand where people are coming from and how to take the best and most passionate parts of our lives and turn them into something amazing." -- Alison C.

Ali and Vince, for allowing some of that ultra-special Roman essence touch my life.  This song ended up being a gift for all of us, including me.

And to Roman.
Bless you, Kiddo, for changing the shape of my heart, too.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Joining the Circle" Custom Wedding Song for Nigel & Claire

Ah, the connecting power of Facebook!  I befriended Nigel (and then his girlfriend, Claire) on Facebook many moons ago due to some similar interests in music.  Nigel soon became a fan of my own music, as did other members of his family I connected with on Facebook, too.  (Hi, Pete!)   Once Nigel got wind of my Custom Songs, he asked me if I would write one for he and Claire's upcoming UK wedding dance in July 2010 and I was completely honored to do so. 

My connections to Nigel and Claire via Facebook had already made it clear to me that family and friends were extremely important to this couple.  The group of people they belonged to were just as special to them as the family they were making together.  When taking notes for their Custom wedding dance song, I asked Clarie if the joining of family and friends would be a good theme for their lyrics.  She whole-heartedly agreed. Hence the song title and theme of "Joining the Circle" was born.

Another poignant circle in this wedding couple's story is that of their wedding bands.   Claire's mum passed away when she was 13 and Nigel's father passed away over 6 years ago.   The memories of their beloved parents lost still live on in the wedding rings that Claire and Nigel wear (Claire her mother's, Nigel his father's).  So "Joining the Circle" also meant joining the strong family ties of their past to the strong loving ties of this new marriage. 

And I get weepy every time I think about that kind of blessing and bond, as I imagine Nigel and Claire do, too.

I wanted their song to speak not only to the special details about Nigel & Claire's relationship, but to also personally address the people who were sharing their marriage celebration.  With the opening lyric "This is our love letter to each other and to you..." I was making sure that this love song was an invitation to everyone in Nigel & Claire's lives to join their circle, too.

To have written the song played for their very first dance as a married couple?  And to work on my very first UK wedding ever?


The lyrics to "Joining the Circle" are below.   To hear the song, please click the player link!

Joining the Circle 

Words and Music by Jennifer Haase c 2010

This is our love letter

To each other and to you

Becoming one as family

Means much more than just we two

It takes a village to build love a road

Surprises and memories we’ve molded with gold to

Join in a circle

With these wedding bands

With kindred and friends

And this love is worth more

Now that we stand

Woman and Man

Joining the circle

Fair cream-colored roses

In a church where lords once prayed

Blessings for our marriage

Full of heritage and grace

But these are just sanctuary walls

Until we sons and daughters all

Join in a circle

With these wedding bands

With kindred and friends

And this love is worth more

Now that we stand

Woman and man

Joining the circle

Holding close the spirits

In the heirlooms on our hands

Feeling just as breathless as the days

This love began to

Join in a circle

With these wedding bands

With kindred and friends

And this love is worth more

Now that we stand

Woman and man

Joining the circle

Special Thanks to....

Nigel & Claire Sholl for being true champions of the power of family love.  I'm so honored to join your circle, too, of friends who celebrate the good times--both past and present--with you. 


"Hi Jennifer, our big day came and went and was fabulous, so many people asked us where we got our special song from, it was an amazing day celebrated in some style with the best first dance a couple could ever have wished for, you are an amazing talent and a brilliant songstress we truly cannot thank you enough for helping make our day so very special xx --Nigel Sholl, Custom Wedding Dance Song called "Joining the Circle", July 2010.