Monday, November 7, 2011

"True North, True South" Custom Wedding Song for Terry & Reg

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

 True North, True South by Jennifer Haase (Custom Wedding Song) by JenniferHaaseMusic 

They met at a staff Christmas party.
Instant attraction. Storybook butterflies.
Two weeks later he bought her a big stuffed bear for Valentine's Day.
Six weeks later they moved in together.
Around 8 years later, they got engaged.

At a staff Christmas party.

And the bride-to-be wanted a very special wedding song
to commemorate their romance from there
to here.

"It was like fate had come full circle."

Terry was a girl from the South. Reg is a Canadian man.
That they ended up together at all is a sweet aligning of the universe in a poignant way
Terry wanted her special song for Reg to make clear.

"We always say that he's 
my True North and I'm his Truth South."

Hence "True North, True South" became the title of the custom song I loved writing
for Terry & Reg's Gone With the Wind themed wedding.

You've gotta love the Southern Belle who talks about her Northern Man like
he is, indeed, Prince Charming.  Terry's description of Reg (short for Regis) was full of all the adjectives that make me swoon.
Gentle, kind, generous, works hard and doesn't complain, takes care of her when she's ill.
A man who would step up with extra support and patience when she was feeling low.
A man who has talked her through fears and (literally) over bridges.
A man very worthy of a love song.

"He has changed my life."

Reg was certainly Terry's hero and wanted him to know it.  That made my job easy.
I worked in a little reference to the opening credits of Gone With the Wind in the first two lines of the song.
I incorporated the couple's favorite quote, featured at the top of this blog post.
I envisioned them keeping each other safe on the bridges they have crossed.

And I shed my own tears while writing the bridge. It mentions the roses in the ceremony
that would be placed on empty chairs representing
two beloved aunts who have passed. Two cherished family members who would be felt and honored in spirit.

Terry tells me she was looking at those empty chairs at that part of the song during the ceremony.
There are no words for how honored a songwriter feels
being part of that kind of moving, loving experience
in even a small way.

What I love the most about this work is that my new clients often become new friends.
Talking to Terry about her love story bonded us with lots of smiles and laughs and happy sighs.

It's lovely when the gift you are writing for someone else becomes a gift for you, too.

Thank you for listening to Terry & Reg's custom wedding song...

 True North, True South by Jennifer Haase (Custom Wedding Song) by JenniferHaaseMusic

True North, True South
Words and Music by Jennifer Haase c 2011

I disagree that gallantry
Ever took its last bow
‘Cause you and me
wouldn’t be here now

It started with a Christmas kiss
From a gentleman so kind
This Southern Belle finally felt
Like a hero’s valentine

My True North, your True South
We cross each bridge by reaching out
Bring on the wind, ‘cause we know this love will stay
In every moment that it takes our breath away

How well we fit is such a gift
Rhett and Scarlett never knew
Frankly my dear, how much we care
Makes me so in awe of you


We gently place a rose upon the chairs
Of those we loved and lost but feel them here
As real as all we promise here today
To not let go, to always say…

(You’re my True North, I am your True South…)


SPECIAL THANKS to Terry & Reg for reminding me that love is an incredible journey. For teaching me about the power of patience and faith. For new friendship so sweet from across the many miles. I'm so glad you found each other.  I'm so glad Terry found me! 
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.
Up North and Down South


I planned many things for our wedding, but the amazing song you wrote for us was definitely the best part. Reg & I were so touched by your beautiful lyrics and music! When we played it during the ceremony, I don't think there was a dry eye in the house by the time it got the the part about the roses. It meant so much to me that you included that special memorial to my Aunts in the song. 

I can't believe how well you got to know us just by speaking with you on the phone and exchanging emails. It is obvious how much you care about what you do and it shows in every word and note. You have the voice of an angel and a heart to match! I am so glad we connected and I treasure the friendship we now share. 

In closing, everyone loved our song and how you included our theme of "Gone With The Wind", as well as so many personal moments that Reg and I share. I know that I will be having you write songs for other special occasions for us! Thank you again for making our day so special and we will treasure our song forever.

To anyone thinking about having a custom song written, all I can say is look no further... Jennifer is the best and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Terry & Reg