Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Our Own Love Story" - Custom Wedding Song for Heidi & Todd

"We just fit together like a puzzle...JUST like a puzzle...he fills in my weaknesses and I do the same for him."

When Heidi (and ER nurse) commissioned a custom wedding song as a special surprise for her fiance Todd (a paramedic) she made it clear she wanted a non-traditional tune to represent her non-traditional love story. She and Todd's relationship had come a long way and survived life's many challenges. Heidi was struggling to find an existing song that expressed her own version of a real life romance. She wanted a sound that was bare and a little bit bluesy. She wanted a song that was all their own. 

Heidi told me that Todd was the organized one, whereas she was always losing her phone, her keys, her everything! He's the planner and keeps her on track. She helps him relax and let loose. 

When Heidi said that Todd has a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, I knew that bike would hold a special place in the song. One of my favorite quotes EVER from a custom song client is Heidi's, when she revealed: 

"Yes, I've worn leather on the streets of Sturgis!" 

Haha!  So, of course, the bike had to be at center stage in this love song. 

Todd asked Heidi to marry him when they were both recovering from the loss of a mutual friend. It was a sweet, spontaneous moment through the heaviness of tragedy. Heidi told me he'd had a different proposal planned, but when people realize how short life and love can be, it makes them unveil the ring and get the girl while the gettin' is good. The diamond belonged to Todd's grandmother, which is referenced in their custom song, too. 

What I loved the most about working with Heidi and her love story was how much I felt her conviction that this man was her deepest love and her very best fit. I was inspired by how much she respects the faith and bond of a couple that grows together through thick and thin.  I was, and still am, grateful to have written a song about a husband and wife who save lives and through it all have learned to honor and nurture their own. 

Here's the custom wedding song for Heidi and Todd, called "Our Own Love Story." 

Our Own Love Story (For Heidi & Todd)
Words &Music by Jennifer Haase c 2011

We fit just like a puzzle
Our own unique design
We each bring to the table
What the other needs to find

One part slow and steady
One part brave free fall
You help keep me grounded
I help you scale the wall

Sometimes the Prince shows up on a Harley
Sometimes love looks different than the movie
You bring the keys, I’ll be the breeze
This You-and-Me will always be
Our own love story

Two hardworking survivors
Out busy saving lives
Along the way both learning
How to save what’s yours and mine

A sudden, sweet proposal
A diamond from the past
Every time you ask me
I will choose this real romance


They say your face lit up each time that I entered the room
I know this might sound corny but that really makes me swoon
And so does loving you


Special Thanks to: 

Heidi and Todd for proving sometimes a prince DOES show up on a Harley
and how very lucky a woman can be when he does. 

I loved writing your love song! 
Blessings of love and happiness
from me to you. 

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