Custom Song Packages

Your Custom Song Package
is just as important as
your Custom Song itself. 

I'm thrilled to share with you my GALAXY, MOON and EARTH Custom Song Packages featured below!
Each comes with special benefits and bonus Thank You gifts. 

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Though I offer three main Custom Song Packages, know that your Custom Song will be as unique as you are.  All songs are written "from scratch," from your story, your message and your musical preferences. 

Let's discuss your song details and determine which Custom Song Package is right for you! 


You want an incredible, original song written just for you and you want that song to really SPARKLE. You want a sound that's majestic, like the night sky itself, and you want Star Treatment all the way.  Your GALAXY song will have full production, big sound, gorgeous layers of instruments and voices bringing your unique song into the "Wow" zone.  Think Madison Square Garden or Carnegie Hall.  This song will knock your listeners socks off in a grand way. 

If glittering luxury is your priority, the GALAXY song is the right choice for you. 


Ahhh, moonlight. The MOON Song client is most comfortable right here.  You don't need a song with flash, but you definitely want it to brightly shine.  You like having options and extra special touches that are all your own. Your one-of-a-kind song might not need a horn section, but you might crave some gorgeous cello or jazz piano.  You still want full professional production, but a bit less instrumentation for your song's final recording. 

The MOON Song client wants a few extra bells and whistles to make their Custom Song really glow. 


You love simplicity and the beauty of a bare song recording with just voice and acoustic guitar.  You want professional sound and an original song that will be cherished by you and yours for lifetimes, but your budget says you need to stay rooted to the ground.  You want the earthy basics.  Less production, but just as much quality. Because what matters most is how your special song speaks to you and for you. 

    The EARTH Song package is for the client who wants the songwriting itself to be the star. 

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