Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Roman Loves" A Custom Lullaby

I have never cried so much writing a Custom Song as I did writing about 1-year-old Roman in his song called "Roman Loves."

This little guy is the pride & joy of parents Ali and Vince, who struggled for a long time to conceive their beloved son.   When he finally came into their lives, it's a huge understatement to say they felt blessed and grateful.

Which is why Ali asked me to write a song about him.   And it's a huge understatement to say that I was glad to accept.

When taking notes for Roman's song, I asked Ali about the things that Roman enjoys most.  I asked her to tell me some of the special things that Roman shares with her (his mother) and father individually.  And I wanted to know what it meant to have him in their lives, though I already knew the answer to that one.  I already knew that no happiness in the world could compare to the birth her son.

She told me that Vince loved to pretend to be a steam roller and it would make Roman laugh so big.

She told me that Roman loved to try and eat just about anything he could get his hands on, even rocks.  :)

She told me that Roman seems to be aware of how lucky he is to be here.  

"Roman really does just seem to be so thankful to be in the world." --Ali, Roman's mother

Every detail about 1-year-old Roman pointed to his love for just about everything and everyone.  I kept coming back to lyrics that started with Roman loves this and Roman loves that. 

One line I wrote for the chorus made the entire song come together for me....

"Nothing feels as good as when you become someone that Roman loves." 

I knew that would tie beautifully into how lucky Ali and Vince felt about being in Roman's world, too.

I needed extra time to finish Roman's song.   Every time I would dig deep into the writing of this story, I would just break right in half with new tears.  Not tears of grief, but those tears you can't seem to stop leaking when you hear a deeply sentimental tale of how a child can change the very shape of your heart, your life, your love.

You'll find the song & lyrics to "Roman Loves" below, as well as a beautiful quote from Ali to me.  To hear the song, please click on the player link. 

Roman Loves
Words and Music by Jennifer Haase c 2010

Roman loves his steam roller
That looks a lot like Daddy
Roman loves to join parades
In his suped-up buggy

Every day is a miracle
With our adoring son
Nothing feels as good as when
You become someone
That Roman loves
Roman loves

Roman loves the letter B
Books and blowing bubbles
Roman loves his mother’s voice
More than eating pebbles


Each minute we waited felt heavy as sky
Each minute was worth it for our
Big eyed, big-hearted sweet little guy

Roman loves that each new thing’s
The coolest on the planet
Roman loves his little world
And loves that we are in it


"Without having walked a mile in our shoes, I can't imagine how anyone could have turned what we have gone through and the love we have for our son into beautiful words and a melody, but Jennifer, YOU HAVE DONE IT! Honestly, I cried so hard the first time I heard this song that I could hardly hear the whole thing. Even after several hundred repeat listenings, it still takes my breath away every single time. You are such an amazing and talented songwriter and singer, but honestly there's just something more with you. You get it. You understand where people are coming from and how to take the best and most passionate parts of our lives and turn them into something amazing." -- Alison C.

Ali and Vince, for allowing some of that ultra-special Roman essence touch my life.  This song ended up being a gift for all of us, including me.

And to Roman.
Bless you, Kiddo, for changing the shape of my heart, too.